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1. Is it allowed to be accompanied by bicycle, dog or baby jogger?
2. How long is the finish line open?
3. Which food will there be provided for the runners?
4. Is there a personal refreshment possible?
5. What medical services are available at the event?

Accompanying of runners by any kind of vehicle, bike, inline skate or the like is strictly forbidden and leads to the disqualification of the runner!

Baby joggers are only permitted in direct consultation with the organiser. To ensure the safety of all participants, there will be some special rules.

The participation with wheeelchairs is only permitted in direct consultation with the organiser as-well. The participation with so-called “handbikes“ is not allowed.

The finish line will be closed at 11:30 a.m. – a time of 2:30 hours for the half marathon runners starting in the last time slot.

There are three refreshment points (water) on the course. At the finish area you will find a drink in your finisher package, which you can take yourself in the finish area.

Yes, there is a possibility for personal refreshments. Please drop your personal refreshments clearly labelled with the refreshment point where it should be taken to on Sunday from 7:15 to 7:45 a.m. at the information desk at Volksgarten.

The first table at each refreshment station is reserved for personal refreshment. The bottles are not returned after use, but disposed of properly.

There is a full medicinal supply at the finishing area including medical and ambulance men at the start and finish are as well as on the course.